Not my cat

Not my cat


About me

I can only imagine that you clicked your way through to this page because you wanted to find out exactly what sort of nonsensical person would undertake such a challenge. So - hey y’all. It’s me. I’m that sort of nonsensical person. But you can call me Max.

Okay, I suppose this is my cue to give you some interesting facts about me. Or… facts at least.

I actually spend way more time in hanging out in theatres than even this blog would insinuate. Well, not hanging out exactly. “Working” would be the more correct term. Making programmes and season brochures for a performing arts venue. That’s my day job.

I once interviewed a pony. That was work too. I swear.

I wear black almost exclusively. A lot of vintage. Never trousers. I like big skirts and I cannot lie.