The Theatres

F - J


Fairfield Halls
(Ashcroft Theatre)

visited 25/09/2019

Finborough Theatre

visited 11/04/2019

Fortune Theatre

visited 07/05/2019

The Free Association’s Comedy Room

visited 25/08/2019

Garrick Theatre

visited 04/01/2019

Gate Theatre

visited 29/01/2019

Gielgud Theatre

visited 08/07/2019

Gillian Lynne Theatre

visited 10/02/2019

Goodenough college

visited 13/10/2019

Greenwich Theatre

visited 19/02/2019

Greenwich Theatre

Visited 27/07/2019

red curtains.jpeg

Greenwood Theatre

not yet

red curtains.jpeg

Hackney Empire

not yet

Hampstead Theatre

visited 06/05/2019

Hampstead Theatre

visited 19/09/2019

Harold Pinter Theatre

visited 07/02/2019

red curtains.jpeg

Harrow Arts Centre
(Elliot Hall)

not yet

Harrow Arts Centre
(Studio Theatre)

visited 15/06/2019

Hen and Chickens Theatre

visited 09/04/2019

Her Majesty’s Theatre

visited 11/02/2019

red curtains.jpeg

Holland Park Theatre

not yet

Holy Cross Church

visited 18/10/2019

The Hope Theatre

visited 30/01/2019

The Horse & Stables

visited 17/03/2019

Hoxton Hall

visited 14/06/2019


Iris Theatre,
St Paul’s Church

visited 06/08/2019


Jackson’s Lane

visited 17/07/2019

Jermyn Street Theatre

visited 02/04/2019

Jerwood Gallery at the Natural History Museum

visited 06/01/2019


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